WARm words

Breathwork with Molly was one of the most intense and wonderful experiences of my life. I felt tingles up and down my whole body, and felt them mostly in my head and face area. I loved that we had a chance to set intentions before the breathwork began. I think that gave me something to really focus on as well as my breath. My intention was based on letting go, and I definitely feel like I made some progress through this experience. I have been in therapy for about 17 months and I feel like I broke through some of my barriers during this first session that I have been hitting up against in my traditional therapy. Molly did an amazing job facilitating the group. She was very attentive and made sure to check on everyone. Every word she said seemed like she was only talking to me, and every touch she gave helped me to release the tension in my body and to feel more grounded. I would recommend this experience to anyone, and I hope to one day share with my friends and family.
— Kate, Eureka, California
My experience doing breathwork with Molly was more than I imagined that it would be. I tend to approach new things with caution and a bit of skepticism, however Molly was able to create a safe space for me talk about some of my fears beforehand and her understanding words were a relief and opened me up to a shift in perspective and to the prospect of transformation. To my surprise, the breathwork was not only an emotional experience, but it also impacted my physiologically—it was a holistic experience from head to toe which left me feeling closer to myself and all of life around me. When I opened my eyes once again, I was able to actually see and feel the interconectedness of all living beings. Molly was a comforting, gracious, and a heartfelt guide and her intuition throughout the process allowed me to be at ease and trust my own experience while feeling safe and encourgaged by her presence.
— Sonya, Eureka, California
My breathwork session led by Molly was an experience like no other. Although I regularly practice yoga and meditation and use healing modalities like reiki, the release and relaxation that came at the end of the session was beyond any savasana or any bodywork I’ve had before. In doing the breathwork, a lot of emotions came up for me, many I didn’t even realize were lingering inside. Days later, I still felt grounded, calmer, and less stressed out. Molly’s style as a facilitator was perfect - supportive, guiding, and uplifting. The music she incorporated into the session was the icing on top. Can’t wait for my next session.
— Whitney, Chicago, Illinois
Breathwork is a powerful gift, a tool that I am so grateful to have learned about through working with Molly. Molly is a deeply compassionate and skilled healer, and she gently guides you through the session with the wisdom and flexibility to meet you exactly where you are at. Pairing her coaching with exquisitely crafted playlists, she leads you from setting an intention into the physical, mental and emotional practice, cuing you on how and where to breathe and let go. The final resting pose leaves you feeling utterly relaxed and transformed. After my first session with Molly, I noticed that I was able to breathe into places that I haven’t been able to before, even in my regular yoga practice! The space that I open up in my body and mind from doing breathwork is truly powerful, and I am learning that it is a practice to return to, again and again. Molly always shares insights from the session, helpful guidance for going forward. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her and stepping into this profound healing art!
— Anna, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Along with her deep empathic connection, Molly blends her breathwork with her training in yoga and meditation to guide us into a deeply relaxed state. Through thoughtfully selected music and her calm, compassionate presence, she gently leads us into a space of openness and safe expression. Our bodies and our subconscious minds know where we need healing, and breathwork is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool in accessing and releasing trapped emotions, fears, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs. With her guidance, I have achieved states of self-compassion, hope, and empowerment that I have never known before. I am so grateful that Molly has introduced me to this practice, and I know that everyone could benefit greatly through working with her.
— Chelsea, Gasquet, California

Photo by Moonstone Images.