Molly Hilgenberg, photo by Moonstone Images

Molly Hilgenberg, photo by Moonstone Images


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Thank you for visiting Rose Heart, my online platform for healing through yoga, breathwork & song. My name is Molly, and I am a trained breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor and musician. Rose Heart merges holistic healing and music expression to open hearts for a more radiant connection to yourself. I have learned from my teachers that we already have the tools we need to heal. We just need to remember how.

My husband and I have moved around a few times, from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Hudson, New York, and now we reside in Northern California. We love it here in Humboldt County, and live off the grid in with our two dogs in the coastal mountains near Arcata / Eureka on traditional land of the Wiyot and Whilkut Indigenous people. It is important to acknowledge the land we live and work on as a form of decolonization and honoring the people who originally lived here before settler colonialists enacted genocide and stole the land. The more often we acknowledge the pain of the past and present, the better equipped we are at healing our communities for the future. I am currently a Masters of Social Work candidate at Humboldt State University; the program focuses on decolonization and working with Indigenous and rural communities. After graduation in 2019, I plan to become a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) so that I can merge my healing modalities and creative background with mental health therapy.

Power and Privilege

Most importantly, I acknowledge that I am a privileged, white, non-disabled, cisgendered, heterosexual female, and English speaking United States citizen living in a country that perpetually inflicts harm on marginalized and low income communities, such as queer and trans folks, disabled folks, immigrants, people of color, marginalized religious communities, Indigenous people, and our Mother Earth. I am interested in working with people who are ready to process the layers of patriarchal social conditioning, racism, sexism, classism and other systemic roots of oppression that have been upheld for centuries. Breathwork empowers you to shed your patterns of addiction, pain, trauma, low self worth, and fears, allowing you to bloom wide open as a more compassionate and heart-centered being.

I believe that a more compassionate and loving relationship with yourself is possible. I believe that a more compassionate and loving community is possible. 

I am committed to being present as a learner, as well as practicing cultural humility and awareness of my power and privilege. I honor that all people are experts in their own lives.

Offerings both online and in-person in Humboldt County, California

I offer group and individual breathwork sessions both in-person in Humboldt County, California and online. I am a yoga instructor, E-RYT 200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance) and have been teaching Vinyasa and alignment-focused classes since 2012. I studied breathwork with David Elliott in Sandia Park, New Mexico in 2018.

I am a singer and play the piano, keyboard, and harmonium. I write songs to deepen my connection to Spirit and the universe because music helps my soul heal and transmute the pain and outrage at the injustices happening in the world (empaths and highly sensitive persons, raise your hands!). I have been on my own healing journey for more than a decade. I have overcome limiting beliefs and old wounds through my relationship with my body, Mother Earth, music, and breathwork.

Sliding Fee Scale

If you are living on a low income, I understand that $50 for a session may not be affordable for you. Please email me through the form below if you'd like to connect about a sliding fee scale for a session. Please do not talk yourself out of healing because of the cost. Also, be sure to check out group sessions as they are more affordable and the energy of a group is very powerful for healing.

Let's connect!

If you are interested in working with me, please book a virtual breathwork session to discover your own power to bloom your heart wide open through breathwork. Please email me in the form below if you have any questions about your healing journey. 

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